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Silent Hill HD Collection Gets Long-Awaited PS3 Patch

Marcus Estrada

It took a while but the long-awaited patch is finally here. The Silent Hill HD Collection came out back in March and met with a lot of anger. While fans had only initially expected to be mad about new voice overs, they were instead greeted with framerate problems and glitches galore. At least, this was the case on the PS3 version. The 360 game ran much better, although there were still some small issues to be found.


Within a week of release, the PS3 version received a patch but that didn't solve problems. Konami promised they would offer another patch soon, so gamers waited and waited more. They've finally come through with it though and are launching a new patch today.


Here's what Konami says has been worked on for the patch:


- Improved Framerate

- Voice Synch is greatly improved

- Missing sounds have been fixed

- Missing music has been addressed

- Fog density issues are resolved

- Other minor visual/audio improvements


There's currently no word as to when, if ever, 360 owners will get a patch. Similarly, we still don't have any patch for either version of Silent Hill: Downpour which had some big framerate issues at times too. Hopefully the game will finally be spruced up as, aside from the glitches, it managed to be a surprisingly good experience.

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