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Sony Accidentally Gives Brand New PS3 Games Huge Price Drops


While the masses of the United States were busy elbowing each other in the throats for a chance to save ten dollars on games like Dishonored, Assassin's Creed 3 and Call of Duty, the sensational Croatian Playstation Store was having a Black Friday sale of it's own.


The reason it wasn't really advertised was because the Croatian PSN staff weren't actually aware of this sale themselves. Nope, this sale was entirely on accident. Accidents do happen, but they don't usually save people so much money.


How much money did people save? Well let's take a look. The brand spanking new release of Hitman: Absolution and Sleeping Dogs costs just around $80 on the United States Playstation Store. The Croatian store had the price set at 80KN.


While that might sound like an equally large number, it roughly translates to $13 American. A considerably not big number. What followed next was less than handled well. People saw the huge change in price and immediately started scooping up as many accounts as they could to sell later on the PSN black market.


The Croatian Sony reacted by removing the ability to purchase PSN funds in an attempt to stop people from buying so many copies while they fixed the problem. Yeah, not exactly the best way to handle such a serious mistake. But now everything is back to normal and you totally missed out. Hurray for errors!

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