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Sony Accidentally Lists Free PS3 Copy of Playstation All-Stars with Vita Version


Sony has been on a roll lately when it comes to sales and advertising on their new Playstation store. We've had Playstation Plus trials glitching out and locking people out of buying games. We've seen the Croatian store update with the wrong prices... And now we've got this.


Yes, that is an ad that says you'll get a free PS3 copy of Playstation All-Stars with a purchase of the Vita version, and yes that did actually appear on the Playstation store. Sadly however, you didn't actually get your free game. Something that could probably pose a problem for Sony.





The advertisement was only alive for a few hours, but that was more than enough time for a number of people to snap an image of the ad and also test their luck with a purchase. Of course as I stated above, nobody actually got their free game and the advertisement was pulled down shortly after.


I've yet to see anyone complaining about not getting a free copy of the PS3 version, and odds are I won't see anyone complaining soon. But Sony really got lucky this time. I suggest you keep your eyes on the store though. Next time the deal might end up working.

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