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Sony Announces Exclusive Destiny Content for Playstation Platforms

Steve Bitto

During Sony's E3 conference, Adam Boyes alluded to exclusive Destiny content coming to Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. Yesterday, Sid Shuman revealed on the Playstation Blog just what that content would consist of.


In addition to the Alpha offered this past weekend and a few early days in the Beta, Bungie will be giving PS4 and PS3 owners exclusive access to a co-op Strike mission, a competitive multiplayer map, guns, armor and ships.


The Co-op mission entitled, Dust Strike Palace, has three players fighting though an abandoned skyscraper on Mars against the Psion Flayers. The multiplayer map takes place aboard mid-sized ship called the Exodus Blue and is best suited for Control and Skirmish game modes. There will also be an exclusive assault rifle, handgun, armor set for each class and three ships.


All of this content will be available when the game launches September 9.


For further Destiny updates, stay tuned to Game Podunk.


Source: Playstation Blog

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