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Sony is Free to Change Terms of Use on the Fly

Jacen Leonard

So, we all know after all the hacking and such like that Sony changed its terms of use. In this case, you could not take your grievances to court. A lot of people have gotten upset over this, understandably. It's not a very consumer-friendly change to the Terms of Use (but when have ToU ever been?). Well, the plaintiff (Fineman) filed a claim about unfair competition and contract claims.


It's been a few months since then and the court has finally spoken: Sony is free to change their Terms of Use however they want because the Playstation Network is optional to use.


The court alleges the two property rights the plaintiff argued Sony deprived him of are insufficient: (1) the loss of the right to pursue class action claims outside of arbitration against Sony; and (2) the loss of access to the PlayStation Network.


They're stating that losing access to the PSN is not harmful, it's a choice. Kind of like how you can choose to go into McDonald's after they decide you can't bring in your favorite hat. Er... that's a bad metaphor. My apologies.


Either way, the court case is finally... closed. You can read more about the decision here. On the plus side, it wasn't totally unknown about these changes and you do have a choice. Sort of.

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