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Sony Teasing Huge Announcement on Feb 20; Likely to be the PS4

Jason Clement

The internet has been abuzz for over a year with rumors about Sony's next generation console (codenamed "Orbis") and what its specs are, but it looks as if Sony is finally ready to announce it to the world.


Earlier today on Twitter, Sony's Playstation account tweeted a cryptic message that said "See the future" and included a link to teaser site that points to the date February 20th at 6pm. Included on the site is a short teaser that shows surges of light/electricity moving around the four symbols from the dualshock controller's face buttons.


The last bit of evidence that this likely is the Playstation 4 reveal is the fact that you can sign up to be alerted by email when the announcement is made. "Be the first to know" is shown right above this. It wouldn't be too out of character for Sony to announce the PS4 on Feb. 20th, as it would cut out all the speculation and rumors (many that could be false, in fact) that would likely run rampant before E3.


In any event, keep your eyes peeled for more info on February 20th at 6pm EST.


Update #1


Video game analyst Michael Pachter stated on Twitter that Sony is inviting investors and media to the event, which shows that a next generation console reveal is all but confirmed at this event.

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