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Sorcery is Ready to Cast a Spell on You on May 22


Remember that game about the kid that cast magic spells that was announced before the PlayStation Move even came out? Yeah, that was Sorcery. One of the bigger games to justify your purchase for the motion-controlled peripheral finally has a release date for North America, and thankfully, it's pretty close on the date of May 22.


Sorcery certainly looks pretty and seems to be good fun with the motion controls, but what is it about? Basically, you're a young boy--a sorcerer's apprentice, in fact--with your magic wand. It's up to you to master your skills in magic and save the world from the evil entity that is the Nightmare Queen. And as it implies, you'll be using your PlayStation Move controller as if it was a magic wand itself.


Do you think this Move title will be worth the long wait? Will you be purchasing it?

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