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Square Enix CEO Addresses Final Fantasy Versus XIII Cancellation Rumors


Apparently someone thought it would be funny to spread a rumor about Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which was first unveiled in 2006, getting the ax. Said rumor went viral throughout gaming communities on the internet, and until now, we haven't gotten a word whether it was true or not. CEO of Square Enix, Yoichi Wada, told us himself through Twitter that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is indeed still kicking.


Here is the translation provided by Siliconera:


"Someone has been spreading a false rumor that Versus has been canceled, it seems. [Laughs.] Just now, we finished our regular Versus meeting. If you could see the city in today“s presentation it would sweep you off your feet."


Hopefully after all this hubbub, Square Enix will provide us with some new screenshots or even footage from the long-awaited Final Fantasy game!


Do you still care about Final Fantasy Versus XIII? Do you expect it COULD still get canceled or changed?

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