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Suikoden II May Be Coming to PSN Soon

Jason Clement

At this point, Suikoden II might just be the biggest PlayStation game to not have been released on the PlayStation Store as a PSOne classic, and fans have taken note of this fact for years. The original Suikoden has actually been on the PS Store since 2008, so its sequel's absence has been the source of much speculation and mystery over the last few years.


However, that all looks to change soon. An ESRB rating for Suikoden II on PlayStation 3 in North America was spotted by Silconera earlier today, and Sony Computer Entertainment America is listed as the publisher, leading many to believe that they're the ones that licensed and precipitated this release; not Konami, who owns the franchise and published the sequel when it originally launched.


In any case, none of this has been officially confirmed, but ESRB ratings usually result in the game being released not too long after, so it looks like more Suikoden is in store for RPG fans.


Source: Siliconera


Are you excited at the prospect of Suikoden II potentially releasing on PSN soon?

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