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Tales of Graces f's Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed


Tales of Graces f's release is gradually coming closer and now you might have something else to be excited about when you're going to pick up your copy on March 13th. GameStop has just revealed its pre-order bonuses to entice you into buying this long-awaited Tales game, and while it would've been cool to see a physical item, they're still pretty neat.


The first part of the bonus GameStop is offering are the same Tales of Destiny costumes for Asbel, Sophie, and Richard that were seen in Japan. They're not just for visual appeal, either. When they are worn, they'll change the battle music as well. You can see these costumes in the video below:



The other part of the bonus is a pretty sweet sounding Tales of Graces f XMB theme for your PS3. Unfortunately, there are no images of it so far, but it can be assumed that it will be just as gorgeous as the game is.


This is looking to be a GameStop exclusive bonus, so if you're still wondering where to reserve your copy of Tales of Graces f, this is probably your best bet.

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