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The Playstation 4 is Already Turning a Profit

Steve Bitto

Kazuo Hirai, President and CEO of Sony Corporation announced in a corporate strategy meeting last week that the Playstation 4 is already turning a profit.


"PS4 is already contributing profit on a hardware unit basis, establishing a very different business framework from that of previous platform businesses."


The importance of this from a business standpoint cannot be understated. After launching in November 2006, the Playstation 3 did not begin turning a profit until May 2010. What took the PS3 four years, the PS4 did in less than six months. This will certainly be beneficial for Sony's game division going forward.


Kaz also noted that, "as of April 13, 47 [PS4] titles had been launched with a total of 20.5 million units being sold via retailers and over the network on the PlayStation Store." He reiterated that the PS4 had sold 7 million units as of April 6. As far as the future goes he pointed out that, "the key to the long term success of the platform lies in how solidly we can continue to grow the installed base."


Sony's Playstation 4 is doing remarkably well so far but if they hope to continue the current growth rate they will need more AAA software. Sony's long term plans including AAA titles will likely be discussed at their E3 presentation, June 9.


Until then stay locked on Game Podunk for more on the Playstation 4.


Source: Sony

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