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The Unfinished Swan Emerges Years Later as a PSN Exclusive

Marcus Estrada

Do you remember The Unfinished Swan? Unless your memory of the year 2008 is impeccable it's probably a name that has long since dropped off the radar. Back in that year a tech demo for the game was released and left many curious. At the time the game was mostly known to be an XNA title and that it would hopefully launch next year. That certainly didn't come to pass.


Thanks to the PlayStation Blog it's been announced that the game still very much exists and will coming to PSN. Developer Giant Sparrow signed a contract with Sony to make sure their game would come to the PSN platform. The game focuses around manuvering around a mostly white and black world. Because of this though you'll often find yourself in purely white areas. At those times you must make use of the gameplay mechanic of throwing black paint at the white walls. This gives you a sense of the items and walls around you so you know where to go.


Creative Director Ian Dallas had this to say about The Unfinished Swan:


"One of the biggest challenges we had was figuring out what the game was going to be about. The idea of painting a white world is pretty abstract. You could make all kinds of different games about that. A lot of people who saw it a few years ago assumed it was going to be a horror game. And it totally could have been. But after splatting stuff for a few months we realized what we liked most about it was the sense of wonder it created. We liked not knowing what was out there.


So we made a game about creating a sense of wonder. Our goal is to give players strange and beautiful experiences they“ve never had before. We want to give people genuine surprises and then keep on surprising them the whole game. The painting a white world stuff is actually just the first 15 minutes. After that, things get really weird."


The game definitely seems to be interesting in concept but it remains to be seen if players will flock to it. If nothing else, it's great to see that Sony is establishing connections with indie developers and giving their titles a place to shine.


If The Unfinished Swan's concept befuddles you then check out the debut trailer:

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