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Thomas Was Alone Leaps to PS3 and Vita

Marcus Estrada

Thomas Was Alone is an intriguing puzzle platformer which came to PC in July of last year. It features a handful of blocks of different sizes which you use in conjunction with one another to proceed through levels. Although it may sound simple, each block has its own "personality" which makes things more interesting. However, until now, it has been relegated to PC audiences.


The PlayStation Blog was updated today to make the announcement that Thomas Was Alone is heading to PSN. It will be available on both PS3 and Vita, and as such, is part of the ever expanding list of Cross-Buy games. If you buy it on one system, you automatically gain access to it on the other. The Vita version has the added feature of being able to use the touch screen to maneuver the game's camera or select characters.


Also included in the PSN versions is a new creator commentary track for the game. Finally, Sony will be getting the first crack at upcoming DLC (although this is only a timed exclusive). No date was announced but Thomas Was Alone is coming to PSN "very, very soon".

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