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Until Dawn Trademarked Once More By Sony

Steve Bitto

It looks as though Sony is breathing life into their abandoned PS3 title, Until Dawn. Last week, Sony Computer Entertainment re-filed the game's trademark which they had previously let expire.


The original trademark read simply, "Computer game software; video game software," but the new one is more detailed and references more than just the game itself.


First it states, "Downloadable computer graphics; Downloadable images in the field of adventure and horror entertainment." So clearly Sony is sticking with the original Cabin in the Woods horror premise but may now be targeting a PSN exclusive release.


In addition, the trademark references posters, providing consumer information and a website. This type of marketing seems like overkill for a downloadable-only title which could suggest a number of things. Sony could use them as hype building tools for an official reveal at either Gamescom or Tokyo Game Show or they could be used to market the game alongside Project Morpheus. Until Dawn could make for an interesting addition to a Project Morpheus bundle, no?


Regardless, it looks as though Sony is prepping some kind of re-reveal. If you remember. Sony filed trademarks for Entwined and Bloodbourne in the months leading up to E3 so it's entirely possible that we could see Until Dawn very soon.


Until then, keep it locked on Game Podunk for your gaming news.


Source: Dualshockers


Do you think Until Dawn is still Move-exclusive or has Sony added Project Morpheus support?

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