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Upcoming PS All-Stars DLC Announced

Marcus Estrada

The first big DLC to hit PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was the Kat and Emmett playable characters. These two, released for free initially, were an interesting start to expanding the game's roster. If SuperBot's layoffs worried you about the future of game content, then this next news should ease fears. IGN has just shared the exclusive announcement of the next new content: two new characters and a new stage.


Who are the characters? Are we finally seeing a long-awaited Crash Bandicoot or Lara Croft? No, not yet anyway. The two new fighters are Isaac Clarke from Dead Space and Zeus of God of War. Kratos was already on the team representing the God of War franchise, but Dead Space is certainly new to the game. The new stage will be a mishmash of MediEvil and The Unfinished Swan.


If you want to see the characters and new stage in action then head to IGN for videos. It seems that Isaac is another long-range character who works best with weaponry. On the other hand, Zeus is a slow but powerful close range fighter. Both characters and the stage will be out on March 19th.

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