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Vita Holiday Bundle Includes Year of PS Plus

Marcus Estrada

Did you miss your chance at obtaining a PS Vita during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday rush? Sony's here to help in this case by releasing a brand new bundle. Sure, they've also released a smattering of other bundles recently with Assassin's Creed III: Liberation and Black Ops: Declassified, but there's always room for more choice. For example, what if you don't want the measly month to PS Plus subscriptions that come with those? What if you want an entire year? Then this is your bundle.


Their latest bundle comes with a 3G Vita (the more expensive of the two models), a 4GB memory card, one year membership to PS Plus, and a voucher for the game Unit 13. It is being sold for $300, which is of course cheaper than it would be to buy all these things new and separately. What if you already have a subscription to PS Plus? The time included with this bundle can simply be added onto your existing membership.


Also prominently displayed on the bundle's box are the Instant Game Collection titles currently available on Vita. Of course, with only the included 4GB card you won't be able to download them all. Just Uncharted: Golden Abyss will take the card to near capacity. Either way, it is a nice start for those wanting a Vita. If you're interested in the bundle just make sure to buy your own memory card if you wish to make full use of PS Plus.

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