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Watch All the PlayStation Evolution Videos to Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Marcus Estrada

Last week, Sony announced the web video series PlayStation Evolution to help promote their upcoming announcement. The all-but-confirmed announcement of the next Sony system has been hotly anticipated by many and is now only a day away. As such, Sony has uploaded brief retrospective videos for all their systems.


First, it was the original PlayStation (which, no, is not actually called "PSX"). Then they gave a rousing, if slightly inaccurate,

. They still claimed it to be the highest selling system of all time when the DS series has since bested it. Slight snafus aside, they then went on to talk
. With the home consoles out of the way they then made their way through both
. A video detailing
was also uploaded.


Fans of the PlayStation brand owe it to themselves to give these a watch. They're great little history lessons as well as ways to make you feel like you're suddenly old. They should also get you in the mood for accepting their rapidly approaching announcement.

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