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Watch the PlayStation Meeting Event Live Later Today

Marcus Estrada

Over the past few weeks Sony has been doing little things to hype up their conference event. First, they revealed a website with only a teaser video and date. More recently, their PlayStation Evolution videos have tried to stir up happy memories of Sony's many years of consoles and games. Then there have been a boatload of rumors that the event is to reveal the next home system.


Well, the event is tonight and everyone is invited to watch. There are a handful of ways to get the information as it happens too. First, you can simply head to the PS Blog and watch a live streaming video. Or, if you are one of the ten people who still has Home installed, it can be watched from there. If you just need information and not video, then their official Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts will be updated as big news drops.


We will also be providing all the big news as it breaks. Perhaps pop on the stream, jump in chat, and freak out over whatever Sony announces. PlayStation Meeting 2013 goes live today at 6PM EST/5PM CST/4PM MST/3PM PST.

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