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WipEout Omega Collection racing to release in early June

Jason Clement

Hey there, racing fan -- don't worry, Sony hasn't forgotten about the WipEout series; at least not yet.


SCE Liverpool -- the developer behind WipEout -- may have been closed years back but Sony is collecting three of the series' games together in WipEout: Omega Collection this June. Those three games are WipEout HD, its expansion titled WipEout HD Fury, and the PS Vita release -- WipEout 2048 (which would sadly be the last in the series).


Though WipEout HD was originally released on PS3, it actually collected tracks from the PSP-exclusive WipEout Pure and Pulse, which were then brought into 1080p. So it's almost a collection within a collection, of sorts. WipEout collection... inception, even?


At any rate, the Omega Collection will run at 1080p/60fps on regular PS4/Slim, and at 4K resolution on PS4 Pro.


Check out the trailer below!



WipEout Omega Collection is coming to PS4 on June 6.




Are you looking forward to this collection?

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