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XSEED Now Localizing Other Vita Titles

Marcus Estrada

Earlier this week we had to report on the sad news that XSEED was backing away from localizing Vita title Grand Knights History While we won't get to see that Vanillaware title on western shores this year, we're instead seeing some other games getting picked up.


The two games are Orgarhythm and Ragnarok Odyssey. Orgarhythm is a strikingly odd rhythm/music title which also has a focus on strategic gameplay. Ragnarok Odyssey is a more standard game. It's got a bit of Monster Hunter in its veins and will probably be more standard action fare. In Japan, the title added more features after launch such as online play and new quests. Hopefully it will get the same treatment as Gravity Rush where the content that had been offered after Japanese launch will now be available on US launch.


Most interesting about XSEED's choice to pick these two games up for localization is that they don't seem to have very large followings. Regardless, Vita fans should be pleased to see that someone is already attempting to fill up the library with niche games and should expect to see both Orgarhythm and Ragnarok Odyssey launch sometime in 2012.

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