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Square Enix Launches Streaming Game Service CoreOnline

Marcus Estrada

With the troubles that recently swarmed around cloud gaming service OnLive, it didn't seem like we would be seeing a new one so soon. However, it looks like Square Enix is ready to take on the streaming world alongside company Hapti.co to launch the service CoreOnline.


CoreOnline is for PC gamers and lets you play games through your browser. There are only a couple games available now but they can be played in fullscreen and apparently in HD. The site supports Chrome, FireFox, and Internet Explorer, although before playing anything you must install the Square Enix Secure Launcher. Once that's done then you have a little more to deal with.


You see, one of the biggest features of CoreOnline is that the library of games is free to play. Well, they're free as long as you can stand to watch some ads. When starting up a game you're granted 10 minutes of play but after that must select an ad to watch. Once that's done you can return to play for a while until it's time for another ad. Watching a tiny commercial grants you fewer minutes, while watching longer ones will award a fair bit more time. One unfortunate thing about the timer though is that it will count down even if you're in a loading screen. On the other hand, if you navigate away from the screen it will pause the game and not have the timer ticking away until you return.


What if you don't want to have to be taken out of the game every so often? It's possible to buy access to specific levels or even the entire game. For example, one level in Hitman: Blood Money is 49 cents. So far there are only three games available and they are Hitman: Blood Money, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, and Mini Ninjas. Their next additions are set to be Gyromancer and Tomb Raider Underworld.



Would you play games with commercial breaks in between?

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