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Square Enix promising big year for Final Fantasy in 2018

Jason Clement

2016 turned out to be a pretty big year for Final Fantasy as a series with the release of the long-awaited Final Fantasy XV and smaller titles such as World of Final Fantasy. It was surprising, then, that 2017 gave us less in the way of major new Final Fantasy releases save for ongoing episodic DLC for Final Fantasy XV and an HD remaster in the way of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, despite this being the series' 30th Anniversary.


However, Square Enix's Final Fantasy brand manager, Shinji Hashimoto, is promising major news for the series in 2018. Hashimoto shared a few tidbits about the company's plans in an interview with Edamame Arcade Channel as follows.


"Next year will be the 31st year, and our teams are busy working on new titles," Hashimoto said. "They are all gearing up for a big year next year." 


"I want to thank the fans for 30 years of support," Hashimoto said in his closing statements in the interview. "Next year will be a big one, and we will bring exciting, new Final Fantasy games to the world."


What games might we see in 2018? The only two Final Fantasy titles we know of that are in development right now are the Final Fantasy VII remake, which was previously said to be episodic, and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, which brings the fighting series to the current generation of consoles. While we're unlikely to get a release of the former's first installment, the latter is planned to kick off the new year with its release on January 30.


As for what else might be released, Hashimoto's comments hint that there may be some surprises in store, perhaps with some as-of-yet unannounced games that may release next year. Might we be getting a new Theatrhythm title, a World of Final Fantasy sequel, or even our first look at Final Fantasy XVI? We'll have to wait and see.


Source: USGamer


What do you think Square Enix has in store for Final Fantasy in 2018? Let us know in the comments below?

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I can say with some confidence that we won't get FF7 HD just yet, especially after CyberConnect2 got the boot from working on the game, which still baffles me. If anything, I half expect a FF13 HD collection for PS4, maybe a Tactics HD in a similar fashion to how FF7 went and so forth. 

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I thought they already announced a sequel to World of FF, but maybe it was just the mobile game. Or I'm thinking of the PC port. OR SOMETHING.


Anyway, I wouldn't mind some more ports of the older games (the few that haven't already made it to PC or current consoles) but otherwise it's whatever. I like FF well enough that if they show off something that looks cool I'll get into it, but I'm not eagerly awaiting any news or anything.


And no way we're getting even a tiny sliver of FFVII Remake next year (or KH3, while we're on the subject.) Anyone who thinks we are is in for a bad time and a lot of laughter at their expense from me. :P (of course, if Squenix does somehow bring one or both of those out in 2018, probably by some seventh-seal breaking ritual, feel free to laugh at me instead)

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