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Standalone DayZ Getting Steam Release

Marcus Estrada

It was in August when DayZ was announced as becoming a standalone game, instead of just a mod for ARMA II. Since then, there have been little updates here and there as the game approaches a possible launch at the end of this year. Today the development blog was updated with loads of information, as well as confirmation that the game will be landing on Steam.


Here are the current specifics about DayZ on Steam:


"Release will be on Steam, using many of steams key features such as delta patching, VAC, server browsing technology. Patches to steam can be deployed by the click of a button in our build pipeline thanks to new technology developed by Steam, that is making our process extremely easy and exciting. We are very pleased that Steam is working with us so actively to make DayZ a great game and supporting us with quality features. I met many at the team at Valve at PAX, and really want to get them playing the game and getting their feedback to help in development. I“m incredibly thankful to people like Chet Faliszek (creator of L4D) who has been very supportive and helpful to me.


In using Steam for authentication, distribution, server browsing, etc… we are able to tap into their awesome resources in terms of scalability. The only hardware we then need to manage is the central database, which we already have some experience managing thanks to the DayZ mod. This means we can work towards avoiding the usual launch problems, by relying on the experience of Steam."


With many possible complications out of the way thanks to Steam, the developers are able to focus on updating the game itself. Other areas seeing big changes are the game's controls. They are currently being reworked to make interacting with the game easier. Other changes such as updates to animations are also getting worked on to flesh DayZ out as an actual product instead of just a mod. The team is currently testing ideas like allowing weapon customization as well as showing degradation. Then there are simpler things being worked on such as character clothing, ranging from hats to jackets.


There is definitely a lot being done for DayZ. Even though we're near December, the hope is to still get a version of this game out before the year ends. If they just aren't ready in a month though, the game will not be forced out to reach arbitrary time frames. Finally, no screenshots or gameplay videos are being released yet, but we should expect them soon.

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