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Starbreeze set to publish Psychonauts 2

Jason Clement

Starbreeze Studios, most famous for their Payday series and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, is setting its sights on becoming a publisher if this latest news is anything to go by.


The Stockholm-based independent studio recently signed an agreement with Double Fine to bring Psychonauts 2 to PC and other console platforms through digital distribution in 2018. Starbreeze is investing $8 million to do so and is set to recoup their money through an initial 85% revenue share after distribution and platform fees as well as Fig crowdfunding revenue share. After the costs are recouped, the revenue share will drop to 60% and Double Fine will retain 100% of the rights to the Psychonauts franchise.


It's an interesting move by Starbreeze for sure, and one that makes it seem as if they're keen to keep on expanding their interests beyond developing their own games. Of course, they're not the only developer to expand into publishing recently -- Yacht Club Games brought Azure Striker Gunvolt and its sequel as a physical combo pack to 3DS last year, and Team17 (of Worms fame) is set to publish Yooka-Laylee in April.


We'll likely hear more about Psychonauts 2 at some point this year, so stay tuned for more info.


Source: Starbreeze.com


What are your thoughts on Starbreeze publishing Psychonauts 2?

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