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Steam Week Long Deals for May 27th to June 3rd

Marcus Estrada

Now that we're almost to June that means there's only about a month until the Steam Summer Sale will begin (at least, if it starts when it did the previous few years). With that said, some deals have gone up this week that might interest you all the same.


Ten games are available this week at discounted prices:

The Flatout Complete Pack includes Flatout, Flatout 2, Flatout 3, and Flatout: Ultimate Carnage. Each of these titles also happen to be 75% off separately if you just need to finish off your own collection. Overall, this is a pretty good week of sales as each of the three games we reviewed (Papo & Yo, They Bleed Pixels, and Waking Mars) were high-scoring.



If you've played any of these games feel free to let others know what is and isn't worth buying!

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