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SteamWorld Heist developer's next game's title has leaked

Jason Clement

If you enjoyed Swedish developer Image & Form's SteamWorld Dig and last year's SteamWorld Heist, you'll want to keep tabs on their next title, which is reportedly dubbed SteamWorld Quest.


This newest title accidentally leaked by way of a European listing that someone had caught wind of, and, unfortunately, it's far from presentable in its current state according to Image & Form's Julius Goldbog, who made the following statement regarding the leak:


Look at that! We“ll share more about our next game when the time is right. It“s so deep in its initial stage that there“s no point in talking about it.


While no formal announcement has been made just yet, it took Image & Form just under two and a half years to release SteamWorld Heist after SteamWorld Dig made its debut in early August of 2013. Given that Heist released last December, it's understandable that SteamWorld Quest would be extremely early in development and thus they would have nothing meaningful to announce about it so far.


Although it could come out earlier, it's safe to say given the timespan between Dig and Heist that you might not see Quest until Q1/Q2 2018 at the very earliest. This means you might get the first rumblings of what the game is sometime next year, though the "Quest" moniker does seem to hint that the title could possibly be an RPG this time around.


Source: EACEA (via GoNintendo)


What are your thoughts on the name for the next SteamWorld game? Do you think it might be an RPG as well?

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