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Super Shock Bundle Sells 13 Games for $13

Marcus Estrada

Have you had your fill of post-Thanksgiving shopping yet? If your legs are weary from standing out all night then perhaps another bundle will be what you need. Yes, there have been many just this week but already the newcomer Super Shock Bundle seems that it will be worth it for many. It is not currently live but interested parties would do best to know about it now because the bundle will only run for seven hours.


The bundle will be live tomorrow, Saturday, at 12 noon EST. Here is the current lineup of titles:

  • Captain Foraxian (PC)
  • Cortex Command (PC: Steam)
  • Deepak Fights Robots (PC)
  • Home (PC: Steam)
  • Jottobots (PC)
  • Little Gardens (PC)
  • Offspring Fling (PC: Steam)
  • Probability 0 (PC)
  • Puzzle Bots (PC: Steam)
  • Starseed Pilgrim (PC)
  • Swift*Stitch (PC)
  • Thirty Flights of Loving (PC: Steam)

Only the games which are on Steam will include Steam keys, of course. The rest are presumably going to be DRM-free downloads straight from the site. Strangely, the original list of titles included Hotline Miami, but apparently that wasn't official. If it had been, many more people probably would have been itching to buy.


Super Shock Bundle is not coming to us from any of the big bundle names but simply the developer Michael Todd. Because of this, the site may go down as more and more people hear of it when it launches. That's why this post is coming now, so that interested parties get the best chance at grabbing the games.

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