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System Shock Finally Coming to GOG and Steam

Marcus Estrada

It may be incredible to realize, but System Shock 2 came out over a decade ago now. The title arrived on PCs in 1999 to unanimously high scores and became a very monumental title in gaming's history. However, until now, it has ditched any mode of digital distribution meaning many have never played it. Instead, many gamers have played the spiritual successor known as Bioshock.


Those peopleshould probably say thanks to Night Dive Studios, as they are the team that finally secured the digital rights of System Shock 2. It took this long in part because the game's rights are held by multiple people at once. GOG had hoped to secure the rights since their site opened, but it is only now that everything has come into place.


GOG will be getting the game "exclusively" first tomorrow - just in time for Valentine's Day! It will cost $10 and come with extras such as concept art, a Ken Levine interview, and other goodies typical of GOG releases. The game has also been confirmed for Steam but no date or pricing information has been set yet.

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