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Takin' it to the Streets: StreetPass is the "Only" Way to get Latios and Latias in Pokemon ORAS.


Good news everyone! Or, perhaps not. Pokemon.com shared some details on how players can obtain the Eon Ticket, the key item necessary for obtaining Latios and Latias in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire...and it's made some fans cringe. Apparently "the only way you can get the Eon Ticket right now" is to StreetPass other Pokemon players. The way it works is this: Certain ORAS players will be given the Eon Ticket to share via StreetPass, and others in the area will have to obtain it from them.


As most 3DS owners know, StreetPass in the US is hardly the same as it is in Japan. So an already lower StreetPass encounter rate combined with the chance possible Eon Ticket holders can't/won't enable StreetPass for the title, or simply don't carry their 3DSs around much, are the cause for the current groaning over this announcement.


Thankfully "right now" seems to give disgruntled players some hope, as the possibility for other forms of distribution down the line seems possible. But with new gameplay elements that require Latios or Latias to experience perhaps this wasn't the best way to distribute the the legendary duo at launch.


Source: Pokemon.com


Tell me, how does this make you feel?

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