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Thatgamecompany Co-Founder Kellee Santiago Departs After 6 Years

Jason Clement

In what is sure to be one of the more surprising bits of news today, thatgamecompany's president Kellee Santiago announced that she is leaving the Journey developer as they begin to work on their next project.


Santiago spoke with Gamasutra in an interview about the departure and said that the decision to leave was an amicable one, explaining that it's time to seek out new challenges.


"After doing these three games, I think it was a really great opportunity for all of us to look at what we've learned and what I've taken from that experience, and go forth and take it into new arenas," Santiago said.


And what of Jenova Chen, the other co-founder of thatgamecompany that she's leaving behind?


"So much of my work at Thatgamecompany was really supporting Jenova's visions for the types of games he wanted to make, and I felt like I have done everything I needed to do there, and that he's in a great place now to go on and continue with some of the other people at Thatgamecompany, to take that to a whole new height," Santiago continued.


It's not known where she's heading next at this point, but the staff at thatgamecompany wishes her well in her endeavors, with Jenova Chen stating:


"While we want to continue the path of Thatgamecompany, Kellee has found a new direction in her career. Though our path in the future may be different, as TGC begins our next project, we wish Kellee a good journey and that our paths may cross again."


It's nice to see her leave the company on a high note, as Journey remains a commercial success and one of the most critically acclaimed games of the year. Santiago says that she hopes to take what she's learned and use it to help "support more teams, more projects, and hopefully, help in accelerating the growth of video games as a medium."

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