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The Convention Formerly Known as GaymerCon is Updated

Marcus Estrada

You may have seen a Kickstarter to create a convention tailored to LGBT gamers. You may also have heard about it running into some legal issues over its name. The fundraising itself was a great success, reaching over three times its goal amount. However, the legal issues were real and have finally been settled.


You see, someone out there owns the term "Gaymer" and wasn't exactly willing to let a convention run with the name GaymerCon. That doesn't mean he was opposed to the term being used at all though. After everything has been worked out, the convention is now known as Gaymer X. Although this seems a more confusing name than the first, fans will still recognize what it is.


They have also launched a social networking site called GaymerConnect, which is meant to get gamers of all gender identities and sexualities befriending each other over the games they play. Of course, it still retains the term "Gaymer" which has been a hot button issue within the community due to not reflecting the wide spectrum of LGBT people. Regardless, with legal fiascos avoided, Gaymer X is set to go for August 3-4th in San Francisco.

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