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The Elder Scrolls Online Opens Beta Applications

Marcus Estrada

Are you a fan of The Elder Scrolls? Do you also enjoy playing online games? If so, you're probably very aware of the upcoming game The Elder Scrolls Online. Those antsy to give it a shot will be happy to know that today Bethesda opened up the gates. If you wish to register for the beta, all you have to do is go to the signup page.


No, the beta itself is not open yet, but this is your way to be registered into their user banks. It asks standard questions such as what other online games you play but also leaves space for you to woo Bethesda by writing about why you should be chosen. Hopefully if your application is appealing enough you will get selected to play the closed beta in the near future.


The Elder Scrolls Online has no release date aside from 2013. Bethesda also released a trailer to promote beta applications, which you can see here:


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