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The Game Awards 2017 viewership up big time from last year

Jason Clement

Love it or hate it, The Game Awards is here to stay.


The latest data on this year's showing indicates the award show has tripled its viewership from 2016, bringing the total to over 11.5 million livestreams over various platforms. That's a 202% increase from 2016's 3.8 million livestreams.



A large part of the substantial increase is due to the fact that the show aired on considerably more platforms this year, including Facebook, Nico Nico (Japan), Tencent (China) Twitch, Kakao TV (South Korea), Mixer, and others.


In fact, The Game Awards has steadily increased in viewership every year since it first aired, as indicated below.


2014: 1.9 million

2015: 2.3 million

2016: 3.8 million

2017: 11.5 million


In comparison, these numbers eclipse the viewership from E3 2017's media briefings, where Microsoft brought in just over a million viewers, with Ubisoft and Sony not too far behind.


Nielsen ratings also report that The Game Awards 2017 was the most social 24/7 program on 12/7/17, even beating out broadcast and cable TV (with the exception of sports). #TheGameAwards was also the #1 worldwide trending hashtag while the broadcast aired.


Though billed as an award show, The Game Awards has been viewed by many gamers as a stealth press conference due to the event being funded by video game publishers and because of the number of trailers for new games they end up showing during the night.


With the show's huge increase in viewership this year, expect next year's showing to be even bigger, where they could showcase some of the biggest announcements yet, thanks to the award show's growing relevance not only in the industry but among gamers as well.


Source: Press Release


Are you surprised The Game Awards continues to do so well year after year?

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I'd say no, in a good way. I'm glad to see more people watching these kinds of things and taking an active role in watching events and being vocal with game developers, or something like that. Of course I'm also just glad I can compare my picks with friends and peers regardless, so kudos for that, haha! 

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