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The Walking Dead Retail Release Nets a Collector's Edition

Marcus Estrada

Just last month Telltale unveiled that they were bringing a release of The Walking Dead: The Game season one to store shelves. It will contain the first five episodes of the game and was announced to cost $30. Now there's word that there will also be a special edition available at retail as well.


The Walking Dead Collector's Edition is a GameStop exclusive. It will cost a much heftier $70 and comes with the game, The Walking Dead Compendium One (containing the first 48 chapters of the comic), and a special box housing the contents. The Compendium itself has a price of $60, although you can tend to find it for much less online. Regardless, it's a nice deal for those who wish to get started into The Walking Dead's world.


It was said that the Collector's Edition is extremely limited and that it will only be purchasable if you pre-order. It may or may not be truly limited but if you're interested then err on the side of caution! Both the Collector's and standard edition of the game will be out on December 4th. They will also be available for PS3 and 360 with no mention of PC.

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