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The World Ends With You Site Isn't For a Sequel

Marcus Estrada

If you're one of the gamers who was hungrily eyeing the obviously The World Ends With You-themed countdown page then you may have thought a new game was coming. It seemed quite likely and fans were pretty hyped to see what would be revealed when it ended. The teaser site is still going and belting out TWEWY songs, but Siliconera reported the bad news.


They have screenshots that were taken of Square Enix showing off a CD product page. The page advertised The World Ends With You - Crossover - album. Of course, as soon as people got wind of this listing, Square Enix quickly took it down.


Why did they take it down? It's due to the fact that the listing revealed an iOS version of the game. This was mentioned because it will feature some arranged tracks from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. So, yes, there's more TWEWY coming but it's not for a 3DS sequel or anything of that sort. Instead, Japanese fans will get a nice new album and iOS game. This port comes about 5 years after the game originally hit DS in 2007.



How do you think the game will translate to iOS? Would you play it again or do you just want a new game?

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