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Third Rendition of The Free Bundle Out Now

Marcus Estrada

Okay, so about three bundles have come out this week of varying types and you don't want all of them. It's just not worth putting money down for a handful of games that might not be worth your time. So, what about downloading games that have no cost associated with their bundle? The Free Bundle is back for the third time and offering just that.


Here are the five free games:

  • Armagetron Advanced (Windows/Mac/Linux)
  • Cube 2 (Windows/Mac/Linux)
  • Lyle in Cube Sector (Windows)
  • Ninja Senkei (Windows)
  • Uberleben (Windows)

However, there is one game which can be purchased and that is Vampires! The reason for this is not because The Free Bundle is hoping to make a little back on their endeavors. Instead, it is to help the developer of Vampires! because of recent issues that have been swirling around the game's publisher. Basically, the publisher has been accused of not paying developers their fare share. As such, this bundle is hoping to both raise awareness of the issue and help get them a little bit back for the game they created.


The Free Bundle still has 19 days to go. Give it a look if you wouldn't mind messing around with a couple new indie games, or possibly helping out a cash-strapped developer.

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