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THQ Stock Increases Thanks to Humble Bundle

Marcus Estrada

Earlier this month, THQ's stock plummeted to tremendous lows. With such financial troubles, they were delaying games and generally in a very rough spot. With such desperate times, they went to Humble Indie Bundle and proposed a pack with their games in it. The two groups came to an agreement and released the Humble THQ Bundle.


Just by having their own bundle, THQ stock has risen. Before the bundle began, it was a closing price of $1.07. When the bundle launched, it reached the high of $1.60, although it came down again to $1.45 for closing. Although the amounts may seem low, they are sure to please THQ. After all, this is still a near 40% increase in their stock price by simply putting their games on sale.


In a show of thanks to Humble Bundle, THQ CEO Brian Farell paid $1650 for the bundle. Before you think he was just stuffing his own pockets, he stated his donation was "100 per cent charity". Jason Rubin, President of THQ, also bought the set for $1050. Will THQ's financial outlook change by the end of the bundle? We will have to wait nine days until it ends to see.

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