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THQ Stocks Plummet: Is It The End?

Harrison Lee

In an unbelievable display of investor confidence loss, THQ stocks have plummeted over 50% in the course of a single day. After an earnings report highlighted disappointing sales and a lack of profit, THQ's stock slipped nearly 46%. As of right now, the stocks are still falling to an extreme low of $1.08. THQ's current net worth is just under $10 million, barely enough to keep the publisher afloat. While I hate to be the bearer of bad news, I think THQ's days are close to being over. There's a chance the publisher will sell off it's valuable IPs before ending it's long, hard-fought run. While I won't declare it as a definite situation, THQ is in dire straits right now.




As more updates emerge, this post will be updated. I hope THQ manages to weather this difficult time. I'd hate to see one of my favorite publishers close up shop. Over the years, THQ has made a name for itself with the comedic Saint's Row series, under-rated Metro franchise, and Darksiders titles, just to name a few. However, the market has not been kind to THQ and many analysts thought the company was slowly going under. If the investor confidence is this low, THQ needs an emergency lifeline. Hopefully, they find it before they are forced to sell off any of their fantastic properties.



What do you guys think? Are THQ's days numbered or can they recover?

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