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Tomm Hulett Leaves Konami for WayForward

Marcus Estrada

It has been tough for Tomm Hulett as of late. As the Producer of a multitude of recent Silent Hill games, he became the target of obsessed fans. When the Silent Hill HD Edition shipped with bugs, partially due to working off unfinished source code, and because of not enough time devoted to the project, it was Hulett who was blamed. It doesn't help that he has suggested that he is the biggest Silent Hill fan out there, helping to stoke the flames of already agitated fans.


It is unknown if this factored into his decision, but Rely on Horror has discovered that Hulett left Konami. Due to eagle-eyed journalist CJ Melendez it was noticed that Hulett's LinkedIn page showed an end date with Konami. They learned that this was all his own choice and that Konami did not orchestrate his departure. Hulett himself has since listed a new position of Director at WayForward Technologies on his page.


It's good to see that even in this gaming climate that some are able to have new work lined up for them. Time will tell what products Hulett supervises in his new position, but hopefully they will not cause him to gain a new legion of naysayers.

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