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Trials Evolution: Gold Edition Revving Up for March PC Release

Marcus Estrada

Back in April of last year Xbox 360 users got to play the hugely entertaining Trials Evolution. The original title, Trials HD, had also been Xbox exclusive. As exclusives, PC owners were left out of the fun. Now that we are nearing a year since the game released, a complete version of the title is heading to PC.


Trials Evolution: Gold Edition looks to be the definitive package for those hoping to get into the ridiculous 2.5D racing that Trials offers. The edition comes with Trials Evolution and Trials HD tracks all recreated under Evolution's engine. That comes out to 129 tracks included in the game overall. Then you have all the other features Trials is known for, such as the track editor and access to user-created levels.


The game will be out on March 21st for PC. Digital distributors have not been named yet but we should expect popular ones like Steam to carry it. Trials Evolution: Gold Edition will also be available from retailers.

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