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Twin Galaxies Returns With New Fee Requirements

Marcus Estrada

Twin Galaxies is a name any arcade fan should be familiar with. Over the years, they have been the place to go to record personal high scores across various arcade and retro games. It is the existence of this modern "leaderboard" which served as the impetus for The King of Kong's cast to even be aware of each other's best records.


In 2012, Twin Galaxies was sold to new owners but mostly for the name, as the site's database was damaged. Thanks to an announcement on the official page we now know that the site is back and ready to accept new admissions.


However, things are a bit different this time around. Alongside a simplified submission process also comes fees. The fees are as follows:

  • $25.00 – One (1) score submission or up to Two (2) hours of recording
  • $60.00 – Three (3) score submission or up to Six (6) hours of recording
  • $75.00 – Five (5) score submission or up to Twelve (12) hours of recording

Previously, Twin Galaxies had offered their website and services for free. However, this led many people with time to burn clogging up every scoreboard because they could. Similarly, the process of getting your scores registered was known to take a while. We'll see if retro enthusiasts flock to the site now or avoid it.

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