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Upcoming indie Swords of Ditto bringing a new twist and local co-op to Zelda-likes

Jason Clement

Zelda games have long used the same story/scenario to introduce each new game: a new hero is born every hundred years to take up the Master Sword and fight a new (or reborn) evil. But in each game, you only play as one of those heroes the whole way through.


What if you could take things further? Such as playing every direct successor to the legendary sword?


That's what the premise is in onebitbeyond's upcoming game, Swords of Ditto. Instead of playing as one hero on a quest with a legendary sword, you'll be playing a "micro adventure" in which you play as a randomly assigned hero attempting to defeat the evil dark queen, Morno. You'll have three days to prepare for your encounter, solving different puzzles and dungeons in order to acquire weapons and items, leveling up the legendary sword, and destroying Morno's "anchors" (weakening the final boss in the end).


However, if your character dies in the final encounter with Morno, you'll pick up 100 years later with another new randomly-assigned hero wielding the same legendary sword and going on an all-new quest to defeat the evil queen. You'll even be able to do it while playing with another player in fact (though co-op is limiting to 2-player local-play only).


With new layers of gameplay and secrets revealing themselves in every subsequent playthrough, Swords of Ditto looks to be a game to keep an eye on. You'll be able to play through your own micro adventures when it makes its debut on April 24 on PlayStation 4 and PC. Be sure to check out the trailer below!



Source: Press Release


Are you interested in checking out Swords of Ditto?


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It sounds neat, but I can't help but wonder if it'll be the type of game that's designed to kill you as much as possible solely to make good on its gimmick or if it's the type of thing where you could theoretically beat it on the first try, then subsequent playthroughs would still follow the same "100 years later" thing. I guess I'll wait for reviews and find out.

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