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[UPDATE] New Trophy, Mode and Menu Screenshots Emerge To Support the Smash Bros 3DS Roster Video Leak

John Kidman

The roster for the fourth installment of Smash Brothers is shaping up to be one of most well rounded of the franchise. Sakurai, the had developer, is responsible for the slow leak of information through the official website and is known for keeping information on his projects extremely close to the vest. Pac-Man, Mega Man, Palutena and Little Mac are just a few of the new playable characters that are confirmed for the game. The game will also have a wealth of new stages and assist trophies to whet the appetite of fans.


Potential Spoilers Ahead




The upcoming Smash Bros roster, like its predecessors, have been subject to a lot of speculation and false leaks. The majority of these alleged leaks have been disproved through the character announcements since E3, but there is one leak in particular that many immediately dismissed because it appeared to be missing the Mii fighter option. A few screenshots alleviate that concern by placing the Mii Fighter in a completely different selection tag, but the inclusion of the Duck Hunt dog, Bowser Jr and Shulk from Xenoblade left many skeptical.


New videos were leaked today that contained a few of these characters in action. The player, tagged as ESRB0083, battled against Shulk and Bowser Jr and showcased some rather unique moves. Bowser Jr's flying machine has a dynamic mouth that turns into a canon and licks players, while Shulk showed off a rather unique down smash attack.




The initial screen shots display the unconfirmed returning characters like Mr Game & Watch, R.O.B., Dr. Mario and Falco. Unfortunately, it does not appear that the Ice Climbers, Snake, Lucas or Wolf have made the initial cut for the 3DS version. Another rumor is floating around that these characters may make an appearance via DLC, but fans can always hold out hope that the Wii U version will contain characters that are not present in the 3DS version.












The authenticity of these leaks will remain in question absent an official confirmation, but all signs are pointing to the legitimacy of these videos and screen shots. While the amount of time required for this to be an elaborate rouse is insanity, the possibility of this being an elaborate rouse remains on the table until an official confirmation is made. Super Smash Bros for the 3DS will be out in October, with the Wii-U version to follow this holiday season.


Are you excited by these new and returning characters?














Source: Neogaf





It would appear that this list is all but confirmed as a group of new screenshots just dropped via imgur. These screenshots depict new trophies of characters like Tharja from Fire Emblem, Krystal, Medusa, Candy Kong. These screen shots also include NEW modes like the ability to wager coins and RIval Smash!




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