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Warner Bros. and Four Other Companies Interested In Buying THQ's Assets

Jason Clement

According to a series of reports from Distressed Debt Investing's Twitter feed (via Polygon) which was present at THQ's bankruptcy hearing today, there are five buyers in active due diligence in THQ, and one of them is none other than Warner Bros. Essentially, "active due diligence" is a fancy way of saying that the five companies are investigating and evaluating THQ's assets for acquisition.


Perhaps more interesting, though, is that each of the parties are interested in purchasing individual titles instead of buying THQ's entire lineup of games outright. This type of settlement is more in line with the views of a trio of THQ's lenders, who earlier opposed the idea of selling off THQ's franchises as a group instead of a title-by-title basis.


Today's proceedings ended with the judge not approving bidding procedures and telling THQ's lawyers, creditors, and potential buyers to talk with each other and work out the issues that were brought up. The hearing is reportedly scheduled to resume on Monday.

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