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WayForward On Board for... Smurfs 2?

Marcus Estrada

WayForward is one beloved developer that only seems to gain more fans with each new release. Recently, gamers were excited to hear of their work on Duck Tales Remastered during PAX East. What is the next game on their plate? No matter what you may have been guessing, it's likely that you didn't expect it to be Smurfs 2.


For the 2011 release of that CGI Smurfs film, two video games (The Smurfs, The Smurfs: Dance Party) were produced and then published by Ubisoft. Now that Smurfs 2 is set to hit theaters, Sony Pictures requested a brand new game. Possibly due to the idea that they can do something positive for the brand, Ubisoft managed to snag WayForward to develop it.


Here are some select comments from the press release about the upcoming game to get an idea of what WayForward is coming up with:


"Players assume the role of a Smurf and immerse themselves in an interactive adventure through the movie's enchanting environments including New York City and Paris, and expand their movie experience into worlds exclusive to the video game such as The Arctic Tundra and The Lava Jungle.


Fans can follow the Smurfs adventure solo or by playing cooperatively with friends. As players progress in the game, they will be able to choose between nine Smurfs featured in the movie and can join each other in a fun multiplayer experience of up to four users playing simultaneously. Exclusive on Wii U, a fifth player will be able to join in on the action by controlling Clockwork Smurf on the Wii U GamePad."


Smurfs 2 is coming to 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U, and DS (not 3DS). Time will tell if WayForward will deliver something good or are simply trying to make some cash on the side.

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