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X-COM: Enemy Unknown Demo Rockets onto Steam

Harrison Lee

If you're a fan of blasting aliens in turn-based strategy fashion, you're likely a fan of the X-COM series. While the franchise started to abandon its strategic roots with the shooter spin-off (currently in development hell), Firaxis has done X-COM fans proud with its remake of the original title, X-COM: Enemy Unknown. The demo for Enemy Unknown has just launched on Steam. If you've got a few GBs of hard-drive space, I'd recommend you give the game a spin. Firaxis has really made the feel of X-COM fresh and slick.


Combat flows quickly and the action is brutal, bloody, and intense. Couple that with great Unreal Engine 3 visuals and you've got a surefire hit when the game launches this October 9th. Trust me: the demo is worth checking out. I was blown away with just how much love and attention has been paid to the look and pacing of the game. Look for the X-COM: Enemy Unknown demo here and check out the awesome trailer below!





Are you looking forward to this re-imagining of the alien-slaying strategy classic?

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