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Xbox 360 Sales Higher than Wii U Over Black Friday

Marcus Estrada

Did you brave the masses and cold to shop on Black Friday? The whole week was peppered with deals so even if you didn't go out, chances are high you were able to purchase something. Regardless, droves of people went out from November 18th to 23rd and bought video game hardware. Between Nintendo and Microsoft though, Microsoft came out on top in regards to their latest home consoles.


How many Xbox 360 units were snapped up? The estimate is 750,000 units which certainly isn't bad for a seven year old system. There were many deals on the system over the week which helped make the device an even more enticing bargain, such as the Kinect and Skylanders bundles. Also revealed was that the amount of Xbox Live subscribers increased 43%, due in large part to all the new systems getting connected in homes.


In comparison, Wii U's also flew off shelves, but in a lesser amount. 400,000 units were sold over the same period. This hardly means Nintendo has lost their touch, however. Between their Wii U, Wii, 3DS, and older DS models, they managed to sell 1.2 million devices in the same time span. While the Wii U may not have conquered the home market over the holidays, Nintendo is still a mighty contender.



What gaming deals did you get over Black Friday? Did you buy any systems?

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