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Yacht Club Games Announces Release Date for Shovel Knight

Jason Clement

Shovel Knight is a game that was originally funded through a Kickstarter campaign last year by Yacht Club Games, a newer indie game studio created by ex-Wayforward developer Shawn Velasco in 2011.


The game's visuals and mechanics are more reminiscent of 8-bit titles from the NES era like Mega Man, though the main "shovel" mechanic looks to borrow a few ideas from Ducktales, what with the pogo bouncing and all. If this all looks and sounds great to you, then you're in luck - Yacht Club Games recently announced that the game will be releasing at the end of March.


It just passed the alpha phase recently and is heading into the beta phase where they'll test the game rigorously, fix any bugs, polish it up, and work on certification and whatnot. Yacht Club Games also mentions that Shovel Knight ended up being a much bigger game than they originally planned, so that will be a nice bonus for players who are anxiously waiting to play it.


Shovel Knight will release on PC ( as well as Steam, Mac, Linux), Wii U eShop, and 3DS eShop on March 31. You can check out the newest trailer for the game below.


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