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Yet Another God of War Collection Coming?

Marcus Estrada

if the rumors Siliconera has posted are real, then it looks like gamers who have still yet to play a God of War game will be really lucky. A retailer has reported that there's a new GoW collection in the works for PS3. Apparently the set is also pegged for an August release. If it does come out then, it'll be months ahead of 2013's God of War: Ascension, but that's probably part of the strategy.


There's currently no word as to what games could be in the God of War Saga Collection. If it is legitimate though then that'll be the third collection the series has received. First there was the God of War Collection in 2009 which brought together God of War and God of War II and brought the games up to 720p resolution. After that there was God of War: Origins Collection. This set brought the PSP games God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghosts of Sparda to the PS3 and in HD as well.


Between these sets we've seen every GoW game in a collection minus the 3rd. So perhaps this collection will be the three main games in one? Most likely this may be the US branding of the God of War Omega Collection which was shown earlier this year which featured both collections and 3.



What games should be included in the God of War Saga Collection?

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