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Yoichi Wada Steps Down as Square Enix President

Marshall Henderson

The fantasy is finally over for Yoichi Wada, as he steps down as the President of Square Enix, but it's a new dawn for the man of the hour, Yosuke Matsuda, according to a message from Square Enix to its shareholders earlier today.


While Wada fronted the Square Enix mission for quite some time, Matsuda has a decent history backing him with the company as well. He joined in 2001 as Senior-Vice President, leveling up to Director and CFO in 2004. Wada may be leaving, but Matsuda shows that Square Enix is still letting the company cling together behind a familiar face.


Square Enix published just cause for why the company has decided to change hands, while not directly citing it, given that they've had to retool their expectations to a roughly 13 billion yen loss, far from their originally anticipated 3.5 billion yen, citing sluggish western sales and weakness in the last remnants of the arcade market. However Matsuda chooses to lead could echo through time for the company.


Odds are pretty good that this change in leadership will bring about that fresh blood Square Enix needs to get back into a big league mindset.


Maybe this is a sign that Square Enix won't be waiting until the end of time to release their games, but without a salient Kingdom Hearts III announcement and three-too-many Final Fantasy XIII titles, I've personally given this company the last of my hope as a fan.

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